Student Warns “Doing Technology” Isn’t Enough

by Rose Fernandez
Getting Smart

guest blog this week at gave a student the chance to tell us what he thinks is important about technology in the classroom.

The perspective of the learner doesn’t often get much air time.  What this learner has to say deserves attention.

Justin Reich has his eye on becoming that rare bird, a high school physics teacher.  He is a senior studying physics at MIT.  Any child he teaches will learn from a physicist.  Already he has my ear.

Justin was in middle and high school when technology toys for teachers were introduced in to his classroom school day.  His experience as a student who didn’t reap value in his learning are poignant and should be cautionary for teachers, administrators, and parents alike.

As Justin simply says, “When it’s done right, it works, and when it’s done poorly, it doesn’t work.”

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