Textbooks Move Online
Posted on: 10-03-2011
By Rose Fernandez

We bought hundreds of dollars of textbooks again this fall for our two boys, one in college and one in high school. A few minutes in the car line watching one high schooler after the other lugging in their overloaded, heavy backpacks is enough to make anybody wonder why we still do that to them. We all know that textbooks are over-priced, over-sized, and over-rated. The content is all too often outdated before they reach print let alone five or ten years later.

This Washington Post piece describes a move in Virginia districts near Washington, DC to convert to online content. “Many of our kids — if not all of our kids — are coming to us as digital natives,” (Supt.) Noonan said. “We should really allow our students to learn the way they live outside of school.”

Earlier this year I met the superintendent of the Mooresville Graded School District in North Carolina where they moved to a district-wide, entirely digital textbook model a few years ago. Check out the improved outcomes they’ve achieved already.