The National Parent Network for Online Learning (NPNOL) is dedicated to educating the public about the true nature and benefits of K-12 online learning. NPNOL works with and on behalf of the families of the over one-million students who are currently enrolled in online education courses or programs and the millions more who are anticipated to choose this mode of education in the next decade. NPNOL accomplishes its mission through raising the resources necessary to sponsor initiatives designed to inform public attitudes and perceptions. NPNOL is unique in that it empowers and enables parents and students to be the faces and voices of online learning, recognizing that the beneficiaries are the most effective spokespeople for this educational model.

NPNOL is a project of the Center for School Options.  To learn more about CfSO, visit the website at www.CenterForSchoolOptions.org.


Rose Fernandez, Founder

Rose Fernandez is a longtime parent advocate for virtual education. She was the founding President of the Wisconsin Coalition of Virtual School Families, and currently serves on the Board of the National Coalition for Public School Options and School Choice Wisconsin. Rose has had children in public charter online schools since 2003. Rose led the parent movement and was the leading parent voice during a successful, but contentious, 2008 battle to change Wisconsin state law to protect online schools. Rose continues her work nationally to increase awareness of the value of online education and encourage other parents to share how it serves their families. Rose is an entrepreneur and small business owner who holds a Master of Science in Pediatric Nursing degree and was a former trauma nurse and hospital administrator. She and her husband, a career firefighter, are parents of five children.