Welcome to www.NPNOL.org, the online home of the National Parent Network for Online Learning. As a project of the Center for School Options, NPNOL’s mission is to share from a parent’s perspective the benefits of choosing a public online school. I am proud to be the parent of five children who are among the millions of students who have thrived in a high quality online public school that meets their individual learning needs.

Online schools represent America’s fastest growing school choice option.  Utilizing cutting edge technology, online schools make accessible an alternative to the neighborhood bricks and mortar school. With over 30 states now making access to an online school as close as a home computer, there is still a surprising amount of misunderstanding and misinformation about the true nature of online education. NPNOL works to dispel the myths, answer the critics and promote a better understanding of the benefits of online learning.

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Rose Fernandez